Why Going On Vacation Can Make Or Break A Friendship

It gets tricky when people don’t want to do the same things. Rachel*, 36, from London went to Copenhagen with a university friend. “We had so much in common, so we thought a trip away for a weekend might be fun – it took me by complete surprise when it didn’t go that way,” she says. “We chose Copenhagen as we both wanted a foodie destination. Unfortunately for the three days, instead of eating the food that the city is famous for and its little known gems, we ended up going shopping to buy things for her new flat.” After trying to suggest they split up so that Rachel could explore the sights alone while her friend shopped, the friend said they needed to be together so she could get Rachel’s opinion on the new furniture she was buying. To rub salt into the wound, the friend later sent Rachel pictures of her newly decorated flat afterwards, oblivious to the annoyance caused, and “never paid for her share of the accommodation, saying she’d spent a fortune on the shopping”. 


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