Mars In Aquarius Is Here

This year, Mars in Aquarius will create a powerful impact. On February 14, Mars will draw strength from Pluto’s dominant forces, instilling a sense of power to bring about universal change. When Mars and Venus connect on February 22, we’ll want to take a different approach to romance. Additionally, when Mars squares Jupiter and Uranus on February 27 and March 9, it will inspire us to make radical changes and expand our horizons. However, it is crucial to be mindful of our words and actions, as these energies may bring out aspects of our personality that we may not be proud of. Our goal should be to help others and bring positive change to the world. Though we may need to assert our desires and passions, it’s essential to focus on the community and work toward the greater good. This period offers a significant opportunity for empowerment and transformation; therefore, it’s vital to channel the energy towards positive growth and evolution.


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