How To Get Over Hating Winter & Enjoy The Season

We’re not telling you to bed rot your life away, but rather embrace winter in all its restorative, icy glory. I still make plans and get out of my apartment and do things, I’m just not doing as many things as I would if the temperature outside were anywhere above 65°. “One of the reasons we find winter so painful is because we expect to live exactly the same all year round, and that means that when our bodies are asking us to slow down, we keep trying to push on through,” Katherine May, author of Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat During Difficult Times, tells Refinery29. “We need more sleep in winter, but we carry on following the same patterns all year round and feel exhausted. It’s actually a blessing to have a season when we’re yearning to do less — we get the chance to retreat a little, to reflect on the year behind us, to restore our energies, and to dream about the next phase in our lives.”


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