Womanizer Next Review, Suction Vibrator With Autopilot

Because Next has quite a few new buttons, at Womanizer’s recommendation, I took a quick read through the manual before getting started. But the autopilot function operated just as I thought it would: Using your body’s own responses, it alternates between intensity levels and depth modes for a combination of suction and vibration that will keep you on your toes. Not wanting to think about a single thing, I laid back and got started. Since, apparently the autopilot would create a perfect arousal pattern for me.

Despite my lack of initial enthusiasm, I felt myself getting into it very quickly. The autopilot started off slow — so slow that I wasn’t even sure if it was on. But with its first jump in depth, I started to wriggle around and feel honestly like someone’s mouth was between my legs. As one reviewer writes, “The stimulation feels so soft and intense at the same time that it’s hard to describe,” and I completely agree. It just felt natural. In addition to its natural feel, the Next is silent. Even the best quiet vibrators I’ve tried still manage to have a soft rumble, but just my normal breathing was louder than this toy. By a lot. To put it into perspective, one reviewer states, “It’s completely noiseless — the first toy I can use with my bedroom door open whilst my roommates are walking around the apartment.”


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