The 12 Best Lesbian Sex Toys, According To Queer Women

In order to help you (and me, to be honest), I went digging through all the queerest corners of online sex shops to find the best-of-the-best sex toys that are made for (and in a lot of cases by!) queer women. From oral sex toys to whisper-quiet vibrators to a one-of-a-kind scissoring sex toy, this list has everything you could ever want or need to stock your sapphic sex stash. Full disclosure, most of our results were found by searching with the less-inclusive term “lesbian sex toys,” but we want to acknowledge that we know the wlw umbrella includes a vast span of sexualities and genders, and this list is for them, too. Ahead, keep reading for the best lesbian sex toys out there, according to the queer women who love them.


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