A Fragrance Expert On The Top Perfume Trends For 2024

Research shows that aromatherapy is effective for reducing stress and anxiety, so it makes sense that we’re scoping out perfumes with equally soothing and calming elements. According to Eudora Nwasike, a fragrance specialist certified by The Fragrance Foundation UK, so-called “wellness fragrances” can influence our mood throughout the day. “Fragrance brands, such as Le Jardin Retrouvé and Edeniste are at the forefront of this concept, with the common goal of spotlighting fragrance to improve our emotional wellbeing,” says Nwasike. In fact, Edeniste has developed the Feel Good Program, which offers a series of online olfactory “therapies.” There’s Emotional Regulation Therapy, which the brand claims improves quality of life and restores balance, as well as Sense of Smell Rehabilitation. If you’re on the hunt for a perfume with calming notes, Nwasike says Edeniste Happiness (musk, mango, and coconut) is a favorite. Also try L’Occitane’s Osmanthus (apricot and osmanthus) or Zara Vapeur Blanche Eau de Parfum (eucalyptus, cedar, and musk).


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