Why Do I Always Feel Like I Have Nothing To Wear?

Life can often feel like a series of endless decisions. On any given morning, you might find yourself staring at your wardrobe, frozen by the breadth of decisions needed to get dressed. You’re trying to decide which of your tops are appropriate for the office, then mentally pairing them with various pants, shoes, and jackets… Until it gets too late to keep deliberating. Later that evening you’re browsing shopping sites — because you’ve decided you now need a new transitional jacket — and you’re inundated with sponsored ads and thousands of options with various panic-inducing price tags. Now you’re questioning whether you need a new jacket at all. Your eco-anxiety chimes in, and suddenly your decision is playing a primary role in the climate crisis. So you decide your wardrobe is already filled with a million things you don’t wear anyway, close the browser and repeat.


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