23 Best Quiet Vibrators For Masturbating In Silent Mode

Luckily, I’m here to help you get your orgasm on no matter where you are or who you’re living with. Many products sell themselves as quiet vibrators (even silent vibrators), but we know that’s not always a reliable disclaimer. So, how do you know what’s actually going to be a quiet vibrator? Things to consider: A silicone-covered toy will always be quieter than a hard plastic one. The squishy layer helps diffuse the sound of the motor, so the thicker the better. Suction vibrators are also a great option for muffling sound because, on top of being excellent clitoral stimulators, the vacuum seal also locks in noise from vibrations, effectively making them quiet as soon as they’re affixed to you. If you’re concerned about someone finding your vibrator as well as hearing it, discreet vibrators that are disguised as jewelry, chic home decor, or even lipstick are another great option. Lastly, the bigger the sex toy, the louder the motor, so smaller is usually going to be best.


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