Best Workout & Athleisure Brands: Fitness Pro Guide

While I spent years doing competitive cheerleading, following high school I never considered myself a “fitness girl.” Working out became a chore. As such, shopping for workout clothes that I was only going to begrudgingly throw on to sweat in for an hour seemed like a misuse of money. But then, while tending to an injury and amid a breakup, I fell in love with pilates, the first workout that helped me understand the mind-muscle connection and sparked positive mental results. Working out was no longer a drag but self-care, an escape from reality, and a bit of a party all in one. Slowly, the ritual of getting dressed for a workout became more important, too. I sought out new fitness brands, tested the efficiency of trend-driven silhouettes, and figured out how to accessorize a look in a way that wouldn’t get in the way of class. 


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